वित्तीय लेखाविधि तथा विश्लेषण (Financial Accounting and Analysis I BBS)

वित्तीय लेखाविधि तथा विश्लेषण (Financial Accounting and Analysis I BBS)

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Author: प्रा. डा. बालकृष्ण श्रेष्ठ रुपक जोशी शिव अधिकारी डा. घनश्याम प्रसाद शाह तुल्सी राम घेमोसु दामोदर लम्साल मुक्ति प्रसाद न्यौपाने (विकास) श्याम कृष्ण दर्शनधारी विजय घिमिरे पशुपति पोखरेल हरिदत्त जोशी थमन के.सी. ज्ञान बहादुर कुवँर दिनेश विडारी नारायण कुमार श्रेष्ठ

Subject: वित्तीय लेखाविधि तथा विश्लेषण

Grade: Bachelor

Published Year: 2077

ISBN: 978 - 9937 - 650 - 31 - 1

Version: Nepali

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This book, Financial Accounting and Analysis is designed specially for the student of Bachelor at Business Studies
(BBS) who are studying under four years programme. However, this book is not least important of those
readers who are enthusiastic in accounting knowledge. The concept and clarification in this book are logically and systematically presented so that a student can
easily handle in a situation of accounting problem in real life too. The examples mentioned in the concerned
chapter are illustrated in such a way that all the accounting hurdles and disorderly jumbles that arise could
be solved while being engaged in any form of business.