An IntroductionPsychology

An IntroductionPsychology

Price: Rs. 395/-

Author: Shishir Subba (Ph.D.) Khem Raj Bhatta Padam Raj Joshi

Subject: An Introduction Psychology


Published Year: 2018

ISBN: 978 - 9937 - 000 - 11 - 6

Version: English

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This book is designed with the aim of increasing motivation of students in pursuing career in psychology. This book is specially published for students who are studying at psychology as a major subject or as a compulsory subject in certain areas including management and health care management. As this book covers all the contents of B.A., BBA-PU and psychology course of other Universities, it will be very useful for those students.
Main features of this book include:
• Comprehensive and easily comprehendible material
• Covers all the course content of B.A. first year (New curriculum of TU), BBA, BHCM, BHM, BBA-BI, BBA-TT, BCIS (Pokhara University)
• Covers majority portion of BBA-TU
• Up to date information on the relevant issues
• Includes necessary pictures, tables and illustrations
• Equally useful for both students and teachers
• Importance of learning, motivation, emotion & memory well illustrated
• Have some practice questions and case studies