Basic Mathematics I BIM

Basic Mathematics I BIM

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Author: Ananda Prasad Panta Dr. Jeevan Kafle Hari Bahadur Baniya, Chhettri Raman Kumar Karn Ganesh Prasad Panday Surya Chapagain Komal Nath Adhikari Indra Gautam

Subject: Basic Mathematics

Grade: Bachelor

Published Year: 2077

ISBN: 978–9937–650–01–4

Version: English

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We are very pleased to present the book Basic Mathematics. It is especially designed to fulfill the growing needs of the students of Bachelor Level in four years BIM programme as prescribed by Tribhuvan University. It has been prepared strictly on the basis of the revised syllabus of BIM first semester of Tribhuvan University. However, it is equally useful to fill up the gap emerging in the BBA course of Pokhara University and other too.