Corporate Taxation in Nepal (BBA 5th)

Corporate Taxation in Nepal (BBA 5th)

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Author: Dr. Ghanshyam Prasad Shah Tulsi Ram Ghemosu Damodar Lamsal Ramesh Kafley Bhishma Prasai Basudev Khatiwada

Subject: Corporate Taxation in Nepal

Grade: Bachelor (BBA/BBM)

Published Year: 2079

ISBN: 978 – 9937 – 730 – 28 – 0

Version: English

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This book incorporates the materials related to concept and application of taxation in Nepal especially income tax applied to an individual and organizations in the income from the employment, investment and business, Concept of VAT and other taxes used in Nepal. This book included the provision of tax Act and Laws as it is. So, it will be easier to the students and the instructors irrespective of modifying the language. We have tried to develop the book with sufficient illustration and concept, principles and learning method and their explanations so that student can understand more without the excessive support of the instructors. This book will be useful to the students and instructors of BBA and BBM but it will simultaneously be useful to the other persons who are either learner of taxation or the practitioners.