Cost and Management Accounting (BBA 4th)

Cost and Management Accounting (BBA 4th)

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Author: Dr. Bal Krishna Shrestha Devi Lal Sharma Dhruba Subedi Tulsi Ram Ghemosu Ballav Niroula Navin Jha Shyam Krishna Darshandhari Udaya Kumar Shrestha Ramesh Kafley Damodar Lamsal

Subject: Cost and Management Accounting

Grade: Bachelor (BBA/BIM & BBA Finance, TU)

Published Year: 2077

ISBN: 978 - 9937 - 730 - 05 - 1

Version: English

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This book, Cost and Management Accounting is designed especially for the student of BBA, BIM and BBA Finance of Tribhuvan University. However, this book is not least important of those readers who are enthusiastic in accounting knowledge.
This book proposes to cover the domain knowledge as well as the accounting treatment for the various financial and manufacturing Organizations. It should be a good addition to the library of books that deal exclusively with the treatment of all financial products handled by manufacturing companies, financial institutions, business organizations and other service oriented organizations. Throughout this book, each and every approach is clarified with ample of illustrations and detailed working of the same. Accounting is generally regarded as a difficult subject, but the readers of this book will fell that is not so. Because it is presented in simple and lucid language with easily solved illustrative problems and practical based problem divide into three categories like Brief Answer Questions (BQ), Short Answer Questions (SQ), and Comprehensive Answer Questions(CQ).