Economics XI (English)

Economics XI (English)

Price: Rs. 515/-

Author: Arjun Ghimire Bickram Prasad Bhattrai Dilip Kumar Pyatha Rajesh Raj Aryal Pratibha Shrestha

Subject: Economics

Grade: XI

Published Year: 2079

ISBN: 978-9937-650-2-6-7

Version: English

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Economics – XI is the first book of its kind for the students of standard eleven. This
textbook fully covers all faculties’ new course developed by curriculum development
centre (CDC) on Economics 2077 for the students of the level. It deals with several basic
concepts of economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics
the Nepalese economy and basic mathematics with special reference to competitive
economy. It incorporates a part of Foundation Course of Chartered Accountancy (CA),
and, thus, keeps a high relevance to them. It is equally useful to the readers of all walks
of life who have interest in economics. Hence, it offers an avenue of opportunity to
the students to make a firm base for strengthening their further studies in economics.
Moreover, it assists students to solve day-to-day economic problems, and accelerates
the learning of other social sciences.