Price: Rs. 495/-

Author: Dr. Prakash Shrestha

Subject: Entrepreneurship

Grade: Bachelor (BBA/BBM/BIM/BBA Finance)

Published Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-9937-650-24-3

Version: English

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Entrepreneurship is a vital source of change in all facets of society, empowering individuals to seek
opportunity where others see insurmountable problems. For the past century, entrepreneurs have
created many great enterprises that subsequently led to job creation, improved productivity,
increased prosperity, and a higher quality of life. The same is also expected today in our context.
Entrepreneurship can play an important role in finding new solutions to many challenges facing
civilization. To be the successful entrepreneur, one must continuously study the fundamental aspects
of entrepreneurship, its practices, and approaches and adapt them in his or her businesses
accordingly. In this regard, this book is written to give valuable inputs to the readers about different
aspects of entrepreneurship.