Essential Physics XI

Essential Physics XI

Price: Rs. 775/-

Author: Hari Krishna Neupane Prakash Timsina Bhagirath Neupane

Subject: Essential Physics

Grade: XI

Published Year: 2078

ISBN: 978 – 9937 – 650– 45 – 8

Version: English

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This book covers complete syllabus of Grade-XI in Physics (Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Optics,
Electrostatics and Electricity and Modern Physics), Very short and Short questions with answers, Worked
out examples (Based on new syllabus and including all HSEB, NEB and HISSAN questions), Additional
numerical examples (including possible questions) for NEB and HISSIAN, Boost for objectives, Exercise
(Very Short, Short, Long and Numerical questions) as well as Multiple choice questions, which supports
the Students to score best marks in exam and develop bold concepts and concrete skills in Physics to meet
the ultimate goal for higher studies. We have prepared the subject matter from several Books, Journals (as
a reference) and by help of our senior Professors. For all these, we expect this book to be a hall mark in the
realm of Physics.