Financial Accounting BCA II

Financial Accounting BCA II

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Author: Dr. Ghanashyam Pd. Shah Damodar Lamsal Tulsi Ram Ghemosu Diwash Shakya Udaya Kumar Shrestha Sarmila Bhattarai Bishnu Prasad Khatiwada Dadhi Ram Bhandari Sailesh K.C. Ramesh Kafley

Subject: Financial Accounting BCA II

Grade: Bachelor (BCA Second Semester)

Published Year: 2022

ISBN: 978-9937-730-01-3

Version: English

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It is our great pleasure to lunch to this first edition in front of our reader. This book,
Financial Accounting is designed especially for the student of BCA of Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. However, this book is not least important of those readers who are enthusiastic in accounting knowledge.
This book proposes to cover the domain knowledge as well as the accounting treatment for the various financial and manufacturing Organizations. It should be a good addition to the library of books that deal exclusively with the treatment of all financial products handled by manufacturing companies, financial institutions, business organizations and other service oriented organizations. Throughout this book, each and every approach is clarified with ample of illustrations and detailed working of the same.
The treatment in the book although is based on clearer theoretical understanding as a basis far better practice. The method of learning if effectively followed could substantially minimize the time required to master the subject. A student may feel comfortable to deal with any business transaction and its treatment in accounting after completion of this book.
The concept and clarification in this book are logically and systematically presented so that a student can easily handle in a situation of accounting problem in real life too. The examples mentioned in the concerned chapter are illustrated in such a way that all the accounting hurdles and disorderly jumbles that arise could be solved while being engaged in any form of business.
This book is able to provide the knowledge of accounting according to Nepal Accounting Standard It provides the information regarding financial statements, accounting for growth and merger in Nepal and other outer world. This book also presents the accounting glossary of the book which can be very important to those who have just started accounting field. It clarifies the difficult accounting terminologies. Therefore, we have considered this book to be a milestone in the field of accounting.
Although this book is designed basically for students of BCA it will be equally useful to the students of other fields of management like BIT, BTTM, BBA, BIM, BBM, BHM and CA. Some of the contents are even useful to the students under post graduation.