Macroeconomics for Business BBS II (English)

Macroeconomics for Business BBS II (English)

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Author: Bashu Dev Dhungel Krishna Giri Dr. Rajendra Adhikari Rupak Khadka (M. Phil) Prativa Shrestha (M. Phil)

Subject: Macroeconomics for Business BBS II (English)

Grade: Bachelor (BBS II)

Published Year: 2021

ISBN: 978 – 9937 – 730 – 27– 3

Version: English

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This book entitled Macroeconomics for Business (MGT 209) is written to fulfill the needs
of students of BBS 2nd year, as per the current revised syllabus of Tribhuvan University of
Nepal. It is an important course for the Bachelor students of Management and effectively
helps in building the career of the readers in the field of economics.
For those students who want to know about how the global economy works,
macroeconomics is one of the more relevant and interesting subjects they can study. A
deep study of macroeconomics is useful for national policy making, for understanding
public policy and for knows the functioning of world economy.
In comparable effort has been made to make this book more informative than others,
therefore we expect that concerned students, teachers and readers will feel
more comfortable and convenient. We also felt that students need to be shown how
macroeconomics can help us to understand what goes on in the world economy and how
it can be used as a practical tool for rational decision making.
Macroeconomic provides a treatment of aggregate economic theory that stresses its
relevance and application to public policy decision making. This book covers the topics
as the analysis of national income, consumption, investment, monetary policy, fiscal
policy, inflation, unemployment, balance of payment, trade cycle, economic growth
and economic development, globalization, liberalization, privatization, foreign direct
investment, exchange rate etc.