Managerial Communication (MBS/MBM/MBA)

Managerial Communication (MBS/MBM/MBA)

Price: Rs. 555

Author: Binod Sapkota Saroj G. C.

Subject: Managerial Communication


Published Year: 2078

ISBN: 978-9937-730-20-4

Version: English

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The course, Managerial Communication, is rigorous and emphasizes the core components of advanced
level of communication to meet the communication skills required for digital age of 21st Century. It
is designed to help students get ahead faster with their specific and effective communication skills
in multicultural contexts with the lessons covering prominent writing and speaking skills, planning
and designing communications. In other words, this a systematic and comprehensive coverage of
topics pertinent to effective communication in digital age. Similarly, authentic Authentic guidelines
with ample samples, tips, illustrations, annotations and demonstrations provide models for up-to-date
communication skills in the cross-cultural business setting.
The content of the book is systematically schematized. The ideas given in this book are accurate, well
researched, and scholarly. We have simplified the core concepts, supplied with ample examples and
demonstrated whenever appropriate so that students can have easy access to crucial aspects of the
subject matter. Much focus has been laid on learning. Therefore, the learning objectives have been
consciously identified, content has been aligned to meet the objectives, and exercises have been created
to test the development of competences and skills in the given areas. We would like to ensure that the
book will act as a teacher, and help the students to set a strong foundation on business communication
and introduce them to the skills necessary for understanding and internalizing the fundamentals and
specifications of managerial communication. The main goal of this book is to empower students to
come up with the solution to the challenges in communication posed by complex cultural setting of the
current society. This book has strictly been designed to meet the requirement of syllabus of Managerial
Communication MBS First Year, Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University.