Microeconomics for Business BBM TU

Microeconomics for Business BBM TU

Price: Rs. 495/-

Author: Prashu Ram Gelal Bashu Dev Dhungel Krishna Giri

Subject: Microeconomics for Business BBM

Grade: Bachelor (BBM)

Published Year: 2022

ISBN: 978 – 9937 – 730 – 38 – 9

Version: English

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This book has been designed basically, for students of BBM as per the curriculum of Tribhuvan University of Nepal. It is an important course for the Bachelor students of management and effectively helps in building the career of the readers in the field of economics. This book is useful for those readers who are interested to achieve the knowledge in microeconomics as well.

A great effort has been made to make this book more informative than others; therefore we expect that concerned students, teachers and readers will feel more comfortable and convenient while reading. We also hope that the students will understand how microeconomic can help them about the functioning of market economy and how this subject influence while making rational business decisions.

Microeconomics provides a treatment of microeconomic theory that stresses its relevance and application to both managerial and public policy decision making. This book contains total six chapters; Fundamental of Microeconomics, Analysis of Demand, Supply and Market Efficiency, Theory of Consumer’s Behaviour, Production and Cost Analysis, Pricing Theory and Practice and Market for Resources. We have used tables, diagrams and numerical example to make microeconomics theory were easier to understand where we necessary.