Principles of Hotel Management-XII

Principles of Hotel Management-XII

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Author: Bipin Nepal Nirab Chitrakar Prabhat Shrestha Dinesh Yadav

Subject: Principle of Hotel Management

Grade: 12

Published Year: 2079

ISBN: 978 - 9937 - 650 - 36 - 6

Version: English

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This book, Hotel Management, Principles and Practices, has been developed keeping in mind the changing trends in Hotel Operations, is designed to meet the needs of all involved in Hotel Management operations, particularly to the Students of Grade XII (Curriculum Development Centre). A rigorous attempt has been made to incorporate all the basic subject materials in a very brief manner for the benefit of the students, who is planning to give their entry to Hotel Management or have been already started their studies in Hotel Management. It will be a good reference book for the Bachelor level students as well.

About this Book
Recognizing the need for comprehensive book for the students pursuing their career in Hotel Management, We decided to write the book for the Students of Grade XII. This book is based on the Grade XI Hotel Management syllabus of Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) and is segregated in Seven different Units namely Unit 1; Front Office Department; Unit 2: Housekeeping Department; Unit 3: Food Production Department Kitchen; Unit 4: Food and Beverage Service Department; Unit 5: Introduction to Event and Unit 6: Food Science and Nutrition.