Principles of Mathematics XI

Principles of Mathematics XI

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Author: Nabaraj Adhikari Amba Datt Joshi Dr. Jeevan Kafle Raghu Bir Bhatta Gopal Acharya

Subject: Principles of Mathematics

Grade: XI

Published Year: 2079

ISBN: 978 - 9937 - 0504 - 8 - 7

Version: English

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This book, entitled ‘Principles of Mathematics-XI’, has been prepared in accordance with new syllabus
of Grade XI Mathematics prescribed by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Curriculum
Development Centre. It has been especially designed to meet the upcoming challenges in the field
of Mathematics. The entire subject matter in the book has been presented in an easy, systematic and
scientific manner with sole objective to provide a proper guidance to the students of grade XI and
various competitive examinations as well.