Financial Accounting BBA II

Financial Accounting BBA II

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Author: Dr. Ghanshyam Prasad Shah Devi Lal Sharma Dhruba Subedi Arjun Niraula Tulsi Ram Ghemosu Damodar Lamsal Udaya Kumar Shrestha Ramesh Kafley Basudev Khatiwada Dinesh Bidari Shyam Krishna Darshandhari

Subject: Financial Accounting

Grade: Bachelor (BBA/BBM)

Published Year: 2079

ISBN: 978 - 9937 - 0 - 5047 - 0

Version: English

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This book is able to provide the knowledge of accounting according to Nepal Accounting Standard It provides the information regarding financial statements, accounting for growth and merger in Nepal and other outer world. This book also presents the accounting glossary of the book which can be very important to those who have just started accounting field. It clarifies the difficult accounting terminologies. Therefore, we have considered this book to be a milestone in the field of accounting.
Although this book is designed basically for students of BBA and BIM it will be equally useful to the students of other fields of management like BIT, BBM, BCA, BHM and CA. Some of the contents are even useful to the students under post graduation.