Statistical Methods I MBS/MBA/MPA

Statistical Methods I MBS/MBA/MPA

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Author: Mr. Anoop Lal Mahaju Mr. Lal Babu Shah Mr. Murari Karki

Subject: Statistical Methods

Grade: Master

Published Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-9937-730-02-0

Version: English

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This book “Statistical Methods” has been written as a text book for MBS first semester according to the new revised syllabus of Tribhuvan University 2074. It covers the entire new syllabus of Statistical Method of Tribhuvan University. Although the book is entirely based on MBS first semester syllabus of Tribhuvan University, it is also helpful for the students of MBA, MPA, M.Ed., M.A. and B.Sc., CSIT. Readers of this book can get benefit for above mentioned courses as well. We hope to receive constructive comments from teachers and students in future.